5 Helpful Tips To Help With VMware Sprawl

Recently TechTarget released an article that went into detail about the information technology (IT)’s struggle with budget issues. Here at Heroix we thought this was a great segway into how virtual machine sprawl can cut into an already limited resource pool for IT.  The article explained how “Applications take months to develop, but they take even longer — much longer, in fact — to deploy,” he said. “It could be nine, 12 months or more to actually get an important business application up and running. Then, [organizations] are coping with the reality of having to spend significant money to manage this Frankenstein’s monster of infrastructure they’ve built up over the years.”*

How then does this relate to IT pros utilizing VMware? Simple, over utilization or VMware sprawl…

What are the signs that your virtual machines and your virtual environment is in jeopardy?

1) Your organization has problems managing VM configurations*. There isn’t any consistency when dealing with encryption settings, anyone has “admin” privileges, and the antivirus and firewall services run amok.

2) Automated processes take up the staff’s time*. Too many labor hours are being allocated to deal with things like software updates.

3) Management practices like inventory management* are undefined. There are multiple decision makers trying to consolidate physical machines, not to mention those going in and changing how VMs are managed.

4) There is no defined scope for the IT’s projects. The structure set in place for licensing is all over the place, meaning the operating* and management* software isn’t clearly defined.

5) There is a plethora of systems which need to be monitored, yet aren’t. Maybe all the systems need to be backed up, which can create protection issues to pop up*.

The article went on to explain how “industry data [indicates] that approximately 70% of IT budgets is eaten up by simply managing and maintaining sprawling infrastructure”*. This means that only 30 percent of an IT’s resources will be allocated to innovative, new work. Those tasked with continually ensuring the performance and availability of these applications will essentially have to make do with the solution in place, unless an inexpensive hands-off solution existed. Dealing with under-utilized Virtual Machines will not only slow the organization’s ability to produce effective, collaborative work, it will hinder the entire business value of the company. To learn more about how one can properly utilize their VMware environment, take a look at Heroix’s latest webinar: Step Up Your VMware Monitoring & Capacity Planning.


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