3 Areas to Take Into Consideration With Hybrid-Clouds

Combining several aspects of Information Technology (IT) into one, consolidated, easily read and reported on tool is the end goal for any professional in the field. Today will will quickly address a few interesting areas those professionals should look into when utilizing a cloud environment.

Recently we can across an article on TrendMicro which went into great detail explaining multiple aspects of the hybrid cloud. Below are 3 important aspects to consider for those IT professionals who may possibly utilize a hybrid solution:

*Identity and access management: An easier approach to solving the identity needs of hybrid clouds is to extend the existing enterprise identity and access management to the public clouds. This opens up concerns about how this approach will affect the enterprise identity and its impact on the organization’s security.

*Management tools: When organizations manage complex hybrid cloud environments using a management tool, either as a part of the cloud platform or as a third-party tool, organizations should consider the security implications of using such a tool. For example, the management tool should be able to handle the identity and enforce security uniformly across hybrid cloud environments.

*Data migration: A hybrid cloud makes the data flow from a private environment to a public cloud much easier. There are privacy and integrity concerns associated with such data movement because the privacy controls in the public cloud environment vary significantly from the private cloud’s.

What does this mean for those who are thinking of putting their applications “up in the cloud?” There are a, potentially, limitless amount of benefits that cloud issued environments can hold. Due to the fact that there are no pre-determined sizes for the hybrid-cloud environment, along with the fact that the ability to monitor an environment isn’t stipulated immediately, a lot of consideration needs to go into place in the initial steps. Therefore, with all the considerations to take into account when trying to evaluate the best cloud environment for an organization, why overlook the application performance monitoring (APM) tools which will eventually led to successful business operation. Visibility needed to monitor and assess the performance of anything from a single physical or virtual entity, to a multi-tiered application or business service that spans physical, virtual and cloud environments. A solution must provide a pane of glass by integrating the end user, key metrics and service levels associated.

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