Quick Update: Load Testing Is Important for Optimal IT Performance

Information technology (IT) analysts, bloggers, journalists and generally anyone involved in business these days knows the importance of properly monitoring mission critical applications. It is safe to assume therefore, those same professionals know the importance of monitoring the supporting infrastructure as well. Or so you would think…

A report released by Shunra broke down several very interesting statistics revolving around the application performance monitoring (APM) and the professionals who utilize these tools. A survey was conducted on “performance engineers,” a title which encompasses “IT specialists, managers, architects, developers, and engineers.” Out of these positions, 17.7 percent of job descriptions included the work performance*, which confirms our suspicions that organizations are in fact trying to utilize IT resources in hopes of optimizing efficiency and productivity.


By charging these IT professionals with “increasing [the] performance” of mission critical applications and the networks they run on, organization operations are sure to increase. When these professionals were asked which aspect of performance monitoring was the most important to them, the answer was almost unanimous: Load testing (see image). The reason being that these professionals wanted to ensure that if a large amount of transactions were to occur, say a transfer of information from a database server to an end user, no stoppage in work would result.

Again we find ourselves visiting a staggering statistic about poor performance. ORganizatiosn such as Forrester, EMA and IDC have calculated the average cost to organizations who suffer from a downed or slowed business application: $45,000/hour*. This means that a business’s bottom line is affected, and allocating IT professional’s resources to restoring or increasing productivity manually can result in other reductions from the business. Brand damage, revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction* to name a few. In fact the surveyed group found that the average cost of a production incident as reported by industry analysts, can cause an entire day to be taken up in order to remediate the issue. This can costs an organization up to $360,000 a day, which can grow the more time is needed to apply a fix.*

The obvious solution is to greatly reduce the chances of downtime, which would result in increased performance and no business losses. To learn how Heroix has the capability to increase response time of mission critical applications, systems and networks visit www.heroix.com.


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