Quick Update: Eliminate Shelfware With Application Performance Monitoring

Throughout an information technology (IT) professional’s day, a reactive mentality correlates as one of the fundamental tasks. There are countless reasons this holds true, legacy systems which continually fail over, IT pros asking to troubleshoot desktop or device issues and fixing the bring your own device (BYOD) infrastructure to name a few. One interesting piece of information we found was that many of the reactive states can be caused by shelfware of an application performance monitoring (APM) solution.

An article written in the APMDigest back in May of 2012 recorded some interesting statistics: ““only about 65% of “commercial enterprise management products” purchased are currently in use — the rest are languishing on a shelf somewhere, just waiting to be dusted off and deployed.””(2) This means that organizations have spent money on a solution they intended to utilize, taking away allocated finances from other areas of IT. For example, an organization may be interested in monitoring web applications or multi-tiered applications and have gone through with a solution purchase. This means that they may not be able to spend money on an SNMP network device monitoring solution therefore, issues may go undetected and unresolved.

Allowing issues such as slow bandwidth and resource hogs to go unchecked means the entire organization suffers. Having the ability to consolidate events that have occurred inside the IT infrastructure or within the mission critical applications and correlate them with actionable items, such as resource distribution or hardware/software upgrades means that business productivity and work efficiency are sure to increase.

Accurately and quickly isolating these events and reporting on them will only utilize a solution more effectively  This means the purchased solution will not be sitting on a dusty shelf behind that box from 1999.

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