Software Development and Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

More often than not, when an Information Technology (IT) professional is asked which projects are “high priority” the responses are (in no specific order): virtualization, consolidating data centers and employing a cloud environment. There is a common underlying theme throughout all the mentioned projects, increased productivity, decreased complexity and increased agility of an organization. What do all these goals have to do with an APM solution? Utilizing the proper APM solution will allow for these benefits and a host of most, specifically when addressing the software development side of IT.

When developing applications for an organization, IT professionals usually want to increase business productivity and efficiency. When those professionals are constantly running into issues such as high network traffic, an increase in personal and business use on the local area network (LAN), and even constant upgrades for the network capacity their ability to complete their job will therefore, slow down. This is where the proper application performance monitoring solution comes into play. By addressing network conditions and application performance early on in the development process, productivity will be sure to ensue.

Without properly assuring the performance of the network, applications and severs required by development, optimal business productivity not be obtained. An article recently published on the APMDigest gave a few interesting statistics revolving around the downtime for development: “Industry analysts, from Forrester to EMA and others agree that the average cost of a production incident can exceed $45,000 per hour. This includes lost revenue, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and remediation. Those hours quickly add up to much more than what should have been spent to ensure performance from the beginning.” *

By collecting data, such as event data, the ability to hold performance clues essential for applications to run at maximum efficiency. With potentially hundreds of thousands of events to examine each day, many organizations turn to automation to help manage event volume. The APM solutions which allow organizations to be pro-active, will in turn, allow their development teams to run at peak efficiency.

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