Quick Update: How The Travel Industry Benefits From APM

Industrial evolution is an event which will affect every vertical, regardless of the product or service. Recently, the travel industry is an area which has been capitalizing on technological advances, specifically with cloud applications. These applications have allowed end users to simplify their travel experience by consolidating passports, credit cards and barcode scanners onto their mobile devices*.

Simplifying the end user’s experience with a business application allows for a host of solutions. For example: an increase in business efficiency, an increase in organizational productivity and therefore, an increase in revenue.  Having the ability to see issues and identify them, before an end user’s experience becomes impacted is therefore, imperative for an application performance monitoring (APM) solution. A recent article posted by VMware addressed the applications being utilized by some travel organizations, more specifically Delta*. The [applications] “aren’t just cool and interesting projects… they are mission critical”* which means that ensuring they are operating at peak efficiency is critical to the success of the organization.

Most travel organizations are 24×7 operations, which require 24×7 APM solutions. The ability of software to take automatic corrective action can be quantified as the most important aspect of a lights-out solution. The assurance of service level agreements is also an area where the travel industry may benefit from an APM solution, as organizations must know percentage(s) of the time was the service available, how the service is performing and what is the root cause of outages and degradation in performance. Assessing the performance of anything from a single entity to a multi-tiered application or business service should be roped into a robust solution. If the IT department has contractual obligations for service levels, SLA management can help ensure and document compliance. SLAs are particularly useful for correlating user experience metrics with the underlying infrastructure components that support the associated business service.

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