Heroix Longitude Shines in Independent Review

In a Network World article, reviewer Barry Nance looked at six net management suites, including Heroix Longitude 8.1. Some of the capabilities he highlighted were:

  • "Longitude is easy to use, installs quickly, doesn't require agents, has a middle-of-the-bunch price tag and monitors a veritable plethora of devices, computers and applications. Longitude's simplicity belies its sophistication. We found we could use Longitude not only to keep our network healthy, but also monitor SLA compliance and perform capacity planning analyses."

  • "Longitude's ability to monitor VMware is remarkable. We found that we could automatically collect physical and virtual performance metrics for VMs, hosts, resource pools, clusters, datastores and whole data centers. Longitude consolidated VMware-generated alarms for unified alerting and reporting. We monitored the effect of virtual machines on the physical hardware, and we could optionally take corrective action on any of the performance metrics."

  • "In addition to notifying you via an e-mail note when it detects a problem, Longitude can also send SMS pages and generate SNMP traps. However, perhaps the best notification is the one that doesn't happen - Longitude can initiate corrective actions at your behest."

For more information on Longitude, check out Ken's 8.2 Tutorials, or contact Sales to purchase 8.2, or Support to upgrade to 8.2.