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Longitude V10.0 Quick Start Guide  
Longitude V10.0 How To Guide  
Longitude V10.0 Release Notes  
Heroix Longitude® Brochure  
Heroix Longitude for VMware® Brochure  
Heroix Longitude for Resellers PDF/301K
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Videos & Product Tour - HeroixHow to Videos & Product Tour

Longitude Overview Videos Runtime
iPad UI Overview 5:01
Enterprise Edition Overview 5:00
Virtualization Edition Overview 4:59
Community Edition Overview 5:01
Longitude Getting Started Videos  
Longitude Installation 4:33
Device Discovery 4:59
Application Monitoring 5:02
Device Groups 4:40
Dashboards 4:54
Real Time Monitor 2:30
Reports 4:59
Longitude Featured Videos  
VMware Capacity Planning and "What If" Functionality 4:53
VMware Reports 5:02
Longitude V8 Overview Videos Runtime
iPad UI Overview 5:01
Enterprise Edition Overview 4:37
VMware Edition Overview 6:59
Community Edition Overview 5:01
Longitude V8 Getting Started Videos  
Longitude Installation 4:34
Device Discovery 4:29
Application Monitoring 5:02
Device Groups 4:40
Thresholds and Actions 5:01
Dashboards 4:54
Real Time Monitor 2:30
Reports 4:59
Advanced Edition Tutorials  
Heroix Community Tutorials Page  

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Splunk WebinarsScheduled Webinars

Manage Your Entire IT Infrastructure Anywhere Anytime
Live Webinar
May 26, 2016
10:00-10:45 AM EDT
1:00-1:45 PM EDT

Archived Webinars - HeroixArchived Webinars

Longitude Webinars  
A Single Pane of Glass for All Your Critical Applications, Systems and Networks Worldwide
Video, wmv
Windows, Unix, Linux, VMware & Hyper-V Server and Application Monitoring
Video, wmv
Four Steps to Managing your Cloud
Video, wmv
VMware® Best Practices - Plan for the Future and Avoid Short Term Disaster
Video, wmv
Everyone has a VMware, Application and Network monitoring solution, but...
Video, wmv
Four Easy Steps to Improving SQL Server Availability and Response Time
Video, wmv
Windows, Unix, Linux & VMware® Server Monitoring
Video, wmv
Manage Your VMware® Infrastructure and Everything Else All in One Place
Video, wmv
Step up Your VMware® Monitoring and Capacity Planning
Video, wmv
Five Steps to Monitoring your Cloud Environment
Video, wmv
Monitoring, Reporting, and Rightsizing your VMware® Environment
Video, wmv
IT Monitoring doesn't have to be Complicated, Expensive or Time Consuming
Video, wmv
View the Health of Your Applications, Systems and Network in a Single Pane of Glass
Video, wmv
Effective Monitoring of your VMware® Infrastructure
Video, wmv
Make Better Decisions About Creating, Retiring, or Redeploying VMs
Video, wmv

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White Papers - HeroixWhite Papers

Which is Better: Virtualization or Cloud IaaS? PDF/348KB
How Capacity Planning Can Optimize Your Virtual Resources PDF/294KB
3 Ways IT Performance Monitoring Can Save You Money and Time PDF/1.4MB
3 Lessons from the Past to Ensure Top Application Performance in Today's Virtualized IT World PDF/265KB
IT Best Practices: 5 "Back to Basics" Steps for Better Application Performance Monitoring PDF/1.2MB
Four Strategic Ways to Use IT Monitoring Tactics When Budgets Are Tight PDF/845KB
Best Practices Guide to Microsoft Exchange Server Tuning & Monitoring :
5 Key Areas You Must Focus On To Optimize Performance & Availability
Best Practices Guide to IT Management Reporting and Alerting:
10 Key Performance Indicators That Make You a Hero
Best Practices Guide To Improving The End-User Experience:
How to Maximize SLA Performance with Synthetic Web Transaction Monitoring
Best Practices Guide to Network Management:
Monitoring your Network from a Service Level Perspective
Best Practices for Automated Agentless IT Monitoring PDF/885KB
Using Enhanced Application Monitoring to Achieve Peak SQL Server Performance PDF/790KB
The Best Practices Guide to Developing and Monitoring SLAs PDF/600KB
7 Tips for Delivering the Performance End-Users Demand:
Intelligent Agentless IT Monitoring
How to Monitor IT-Driven Business Services:
The "Ize" Have It
ROI for Automated Monitoring and Management --
No Rocket Science, Just Three Practical Models

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Podcasts - HeroixPodcasts

Monitoring Challenges for Cloud Computing MP3/4MB
Never Waste a Good Crisis MP3/4MB
IT Managers are from Mars, Business Managers are from VenusMP3/4MB
ROI of Switching Monitoring Products MP3/4MB
Taming the Windows Event Log Beast MP3/4MB
Virtualization - The Good News and The Bad News MP3/4MB
Why Everyone Needs SLAsMP3/1.5MB

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Media & Analysts - HeroixMedia & Analysts

Big Failure Leads to Big Success - The Suit Magazine PDF/1409K
Network World: "How to keep your network in tip-top health" Registration required
Jasmine Noel: "Heroix Closes the IT Communication Gap" PDF/304K
Enterprise Management Associates: Product Enhancements in Longitude V3 PDF/201K
Jasmine Noel : Heroix Longitude: IT Management Sophistication Meets UsabilityPDF/166K
Enterprise Management Associates: Heroix Offers User-Defined and Out-of-the-Box SLAsPDF/273K
Heroix Longitude earns the Network Testing Labs World Class Award PDF/60K
Heroix eQ Wins 10th Annual Well-Connected Award Awarded by Network ComputingPDF/74K
Howard Reisman keynote speech at ReedLogic Storage & Systems Management Conference PowerPoint/2.7MB

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Case Studies - HeroixCase Studies

Endeca Harnessing Information to Serve a Global Business
Bunker Hill Community College Achieving High Availability
The University of Alaska Longitude Cloud Edition Provides Single Pane of Glass for Monitoring Public and Private Clouds
Arrowsight Arrowsight Keeps an Eye on IT Performance and Ensures Customer Satisfaction with Heroix Longitude
Fallon Clinic Ensuring the Health of Healthcare at Fallon Clinic
Bridgestone Firestone Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire Keeps Business On Track with Heroix eQ
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Ensuring the Health of Health Care Administration at LCMS
Ontario Lottery Corporation Heroix RoboMon Is No Gamble for the Ontario Lottery
Sun Company Lights-Out Solution for Sun Company

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Longitude Product InformationAdditional Product Information

Heroix eQ® Management SuitePDF/265K
RoboMon® for Windows NT/2000/2003PDF/141K
RoboMon for OpenVMSPDF/38K

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