Longitude On-the-Go Application and Server Monitoring

iPad and Mobile Smartphone Support = Instant Access from Anywhere

iPad display

Heroix Longitude® delivers several options for immediate access to critical IT performance information … from anywhere.

Longitude supports iPad and the iPhone and Android smartphones, so you can monitor performance information on your most critical applications, servers, networks, and VMware from your mobile devices. It’s fast and easy.

Check in to Longitude from wherever you are … in a meeting in a conference room, on the way to a client engagement, or working with a colleague in another office.

Use the convenience of Longitude’s on-the-go network and application monitoring to increase productivity and improve service levels.

There’s no longer any need to get to a computer to determine what action to take; all the information you need is on your mobile device.

The Longitude dashboard information is in easy-to-understand, color-coded pie charts. With this quick view, you can determine which IT resources may be approaching performance thresholds or if there has been a failure. Then drill down for specific data in areas that may be experiencing performance issues. With the iPad, it’s just a swipe of the screen. With the mobile apps, it’s just a few touches away.

In addition you can view and run reports, see detailed information in your Event Monitor, or run the Real Time Performance Monitor.

This ease-of-use, speed, and visual clarity help you immediately diagnose problems and keep systems running smoothly.

Get better access to performance information ... use Longitude on your iPad or mobile phone.

About Heroix

Heroix Longitude is a proven on-the-go application and server monitoring solution that provides instant access to important IT performance data from anywhere. Monitor application performance information from an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Remote server monitoring with Longitude increases productivity and improves service levels as a desktop computer is no longer needed to determine what actions to take before users are affected. Heroix has consistently provided technically robust application and network performance monitoring software designed to guarantee IT availability and performance.