Web Server Monitoring Tools

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The Heroix Longitude® web server monitoring solutions include comprehensive out-of-the-box IIS monitoring tools plus customized server performance monitoring of your web-based transactions. Longitude proactively monitors key performance metrics to ensure that your environment is running optimally and alerts you when there is a problem. Longitude also provides pre-configured, on-demand reports and graphs of key performance metrics to help you proactively take action and ensure maximum availability. More...

Longitude enables you to emulate the experience of a web site user by recording web transactions of interest, and then replaying them to assess the availability, response and content of the site. Begin by recording a web transaction, click by click, that you want to test on a recurring basis. Specify how frequently you want the transaction to run. Longitude will initiate the synthetic transaction as scheduled, and report events when problems are detected.

By default a Longitude event notification is generated in response to failures, and these
events can be used to trigger actions or correlated events. You can also create Service Level Agreements that give a holistic picture of your business services by mapping synthetic transactions to their underlying server and infrastructure components. Longitude can notify you whenever a web page does not return expected content, or exceeds your chosen response threshold. Alerts can be as specific as you wish, and can even provide instructions regarding how to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.Close...


About Heroix

Heroix Longitude is a proven, self-service applications, network performance, and virtualization monitoring solution. It delivers immediate, comprehensive performance information, at an affordable price, to solve multiple monitoring challenges in companies of all sizes. The agentless software is the fastest and easiest-to-use application and network monitoring software available. Longitude monitors hundreds of vital performance metrics, alerts you to problems, takes corrective actions, and creates reports for everyone, from executives to IT staff. There is no lengthy installation or learning curve; non-IT staff can purchase Longitude and be monitoring within 10 minutes.