How Do You Know Your Network Is Safe?

Defending networks from attack has never been more complex. It's no longer enough to patch your software, enforce access controls, and put everything behind a firewall. Cybercriminals are changing their attack vectors faster than antivirus and antimalware suites can be updated, and moving from attacking servers directly to targeting users through spear phishing or infected websites.

The solution to securing your network involves more than locking it down. You need to look at the inner workings of your devices to find threats that made it past your defenses. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products are designed to address this need by analyzing security events in real time and providing tools to drill down on patterns that indicate attacks.

Traditional SIEMs collect security data from range of specified data sources, load the data into a relational database, and then scan that data for known threats. This model has its limitations:

Avoiding the Limitations of Traditional SIEMs

Splunk® provides an innovative and unique way to collect and analyze all the data produced in your network. Splunk starts by indexing any and all raw data and then builds a schema from the ground up to provide a comprehensive flexible security profile. No data is lost because it doesn't fit a predefined schema, and there is no delay waiting for data to load into a database. Splunk's Universal Machine Data Platform ensures that no data is missing and provides the fastest, most comprehensive view of activity within your network.

Splunk Enterprise provides the analytic tools needed to immediately detect known threats and drill down capabilities to find unknown threats in the raw data. And, unlike tools geared exclusively toward threat analysis, Splunk data can be applied to use cases as diverse as marketing, capacity planning, customer support, and more all by applications built by the Splunk community, vendor partners and you.

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