• Splunk Enterprise

    Splunk Enterprise is a highly flexible platform for data collection, analysis, and security.  With Splunk you can collect, search, and analyze your data in real time; troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes; and monitor your end-to-end infrastructure to avoid service degradation or outages.  The insights you gain will make your organization more productive, profitable, competitive, and secure.

    As a Certified Splunk Partner, Heroix will help optimize the platform so you can immediately reap actionable intelligence on your customer experience, network efficiency, and cyber security.

  • Operational Intelligence

    Your network generates an enormous wealth of data about user activity, machine behavior, security threats, and more.  When harvested, this “machine data” is a deeply valuable resource that can provide insights to improve your organization’s performance.

    Splunk Enterprise can collect and index machine data from virtually any source and format in real time.  Heroix can help you setup and customize the capture, correlation, and delivery of this data to make your operation as efficient and reliable as possible.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    When it comes to the cloud, you can’t secure, operate or manage costs for what you cannot see. As critical workloads move to AWS having end-to-end visibility is essential. Splunk collects and analyzes data from over 15 AWS data sources (including AWS CloudTrail, Config, VPC Flow Logs, Inspector, Billing and more) to deliver security, operational and cost management insights via pre-built dashboards, reports and alerts. Heroix’s expert team will help you implement and utilize Splunk’s powerful visualization and analytics to gain valuable insights into your cloud infrastructure. With Heroix and Splunk, you can be assured of maximizing your return on investment in AWS.

  • Comprehensive Network Security

    Defending networks from attack has never been more complex, and it requires more than just battening down the hatches.  Splunk Enterprise provides and innovative and comprehensive solution to cybersecurity that works inside and out.  By indexing all of your new data, and building a schema from the ground up, Splunk provides a detailed security profile that makes it easy to identify and resolve threats.

    Unlike tools geared towards threat analysis, Splunk’s solutions can be applied to diverse use cases, from marketing to capacity planning to customer support and more.  Heroix works with you to set up the Splunk applications that will best protect your network.

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