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Monitoring & Reporting in Virtual Environments

The Heroix Longitude Virtualization solution helps enterprises solve the multiple challenges of virtual machine (VM) sprawl, overprovisioning, and excess use of resources…practices that drive up IT budgets unnecessarily.

The virtual server performance software provides easy-to-use VMware® and Hyper-V®monitoring and reporting capabilities, and is a powerful tool that aids users in making better decisions about creating or retiring VMs, or redeploying them quickly to maintain high service levels.

Reporting for virtual environments

Longitude stands alone in offering graphical functionality in a simple and straightforward virtualization reporting format. Information is seen on a single graph or table that shows exactly how much resources are being used cumulatively and individually by a host or VM. No multiple screens or pages, and no need for estimates or computations to determine exactly how much of the total resource are in use.

  • Automatically collects key physical and virtual performance metrics from VMware and Hyper-V hosts and VMs.
  • Consolidates alarms generated by VMware and Hyper-V for unified alerting and reporting.
  • Built-in knowledge base alerts you to potential performance or availability problems with VMs, hosts, or any virtual-related entities, and optionally takes corrective action.
  • Generates comprehensive reports to show physical and virtual utilization.
  • Correlates VMware and Hyper-V indicators with infrastructure issues along with end user response metrics for the most accurate assessment of application performance.

Capacity planning for VMware faster and easier

Longitude VMware users can perform “What if” analyses to determine where and how potential changes will affect operations. Using this analysis, they can change any number of factors – CPU capacity, memory, disk, hosts, VMs, and more – and see the results in easy-to-read graphs well before any changes occur. If a potential problem is flagged during virtual server monitoring, users can quickly run a report showing current conditions, and then, just as fast, perform a “What if” scenario to see how service could be improved.

Longitude for VMware lets virtual server software administrators dynamically make decisions to continue high levels of service. An innovative drag and drop facility significantly increases the speed at which different scenarios can be examined. Color graphics in reports make it very easy to see individual VM resource use, and which individuals or groups have a need for the most resources. This allows faster decisions on actions that may be required to add new resources, change the combination of VMs allocated to hosts, or moving VMs between hosts. These decisions, when made in a timely way, can reduce spikes in usage that could affect performance.

About Heroix

Heroix Longitude is a proven, self-service applications, network performance, and virtualization monitoring solution. It delivers immediate, comprehensive performance information, at an affordable price, to solve multiple monitoring challenges in companies of all sizes. The agentless software is the fastest and easiest-to-use application and network monitoring software available. Longitude monitors hundreds of vital performance metrics, alerts you to problems, takes corrective actions, and creates reports for everyone, from executives to IT staff. There is no lengthy installation or learning curve; non-IT staff can purchase Longitude and be monitoring within 10 minutes.