Cost Effective Compliance with Splunk

Splunk® Enterprise sold by Heroix is a massively scalable data engine for machine-generated data. It collects, indexes and harnesses machine data across your infrastructure in real time. Splunk offers a cost effective and flexible way to meet your compliance requirements from audit trail collection and reporting, to file integrity monitoring with a single solution.

Meet requirements to collect, retain, search, alert and report on logs and machine data throughout your IT infrastructure. Generate any report in seconds and automate reporting to compliance analysts and auditors with scheduled searches and reports.

Demonstrate “due-care” and increase operational efficiency by eliminating compliance friction.

Splunk compliance features:
  • E-Discovery – Search every data source required for E-Discovery from one place. Get instantaneous results across large data sets.
  • FISMA – Securely collect, index and store all your log and Machine Data along with audit trails to meet NIST requirements.
  • HIPAA – Search all your machine data to instantly assess reports of EPHI leakage and meet HIPAA’s explicit log requirements.
  • PCI – Rapid compliance with explicit PCI requirements for log retention/review and change monitoring, comprehensive reporting on all PCI controls such as passwords and firewall policy.
  • SOX – Splunk makes the ambiguous chore of compliance mandated routine log review easy and straightforward.