Security's New Challenges

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Advanced threats have permanently changed how organizations think about cybersecurity. It’s no longer enough to monitor for known threats or to just rely on security point products that provide a narrow view. Security teams need an infrastructure wide view of activities in order to identify, understand and stop attackers.

The evidence of the attack and its activities exists in machine data within an organization, so security teams need to gain insight from that data to properly detect, analyze and respond. Attackers will attempt to use all possible mechanisms to compromise your organization, which may involve use of identity, endpoints, servers, business apps, web and email servers, as well as non-traditional systems such as HVAC access control. The evidence of these activities is captured in the machine data from these systems, which makes all data security relevant.

The amounts and types of data needed for making the most effective data-driven security decisions requires a solution that:

Understanding advanced threats and business risk drives the need to make more data available for analysis and to see events in context. In this light, all data is security relevant.