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What can Longitude monitor?

Longitude makes complete operating system and application monitoring possible with its broad range of platforms (Microsoft® Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, Red Hat® Linux, SUSE® Linux, IBM® AIX, Hewlett-Packard® HP-UX, Oracle® Solaris, and VMware®) and categories (OS, Web, database, messaging, network, infrastructure, and user and business metrics).

Can Longitude monitor virtualized environments?

Longitude collects the key VMware® and Hyper-V® performance metrics that matter most in virtualized environments. The built-in knowledge base along with Longitude’s reporting capabilities give IT organizations the accurate performance data needed to assess and assure service levels in any virtualized environments.

How does Longitude get its data?

Longitude’s agentless design leverages robust industry-standard API’s, such as WMI, SSH, HTTP, JDBC, Syslog, SNMP and more… providing for immediate deployment and streamlined operation.

How does Longitude notify me when it finds a problem?

In addition to the Longitude Web-based interface displaying alerts users can be notified by email, SMS text, executing a script, SNMP Trap, and sending to Syslog. Notifications can also be based on a schedule, escalated based on persistence, and distributed based on the nature of the problem or any user define criteria.

How long does it take to deploy and configure Longitude?

Longitude’s installation is fast and simple, taking just a few minutes. The self-contained installation comes with a built-in web server, database server, and email/SMS engine. Auto discovery means identifying what to monitor is quick. There is no need to enter systems manually. In addition, the built-in knowledge base automatically knows what key metrics to collect, how often to collect them, and how to evaluate them.

What is Longitude’s overhead?

Longitude uses a lightweight agentless architecture to collect key performance and operational metrics and is respectful of the applications and associated IT infrastructure it is monitoring. The built-in knowledgebase automatically knows what metrics to collect and how often to collect them. Depending on the criticality of a problem, some collections might be every few minutes, while others could be once a day. The overhead exhibited on the monitored servers and the network itself is extremely low, to the point of being imperceptible.

What are Longitude’s system requirements?

The Longitude Console supports installation on a physical or virtual windows server, Window 2008 or above. Please consult here for additional detail.

How does Longitude scale?

Longitude operates from a single Longitude console. For very large configurations, users can deploy additional Longitude “Remote Statistics Servers” to distribute the collection and rollup of key metrics/statistics. There is no additional charge for the Longitude Remote Statistics Server kit.

Longitude Remote Statistics Server are also used to:

  • Collect from workgroups or non-trusted domains
  • Collect from devices in a DMZ or through a firewall
  • Collect from remote locations and from the cloud

Does Longitude support role based security?

Authorized Longitude users are granted access to Longitude via the Web-based interface, using either Active Directory or an internal Longitude user/password combination. Users can be configured to have full admin rights or can be limited to read only access to Longitude’s dashboards and reports.

How does reporting work in Longitude?

The Web-based interface, intuitive to all and accessible from anywhere, provides access to hundreds of operational metrics and performance reports, all out-of-the-box and ready to use. Automated report generation provides for scheduled emailing of reports, publishing to the Longitude Web-portal, and exporting to other portals such SharePoint.

Customized reports can also be created to aggregate key performance and availability metrics and visualize the health of applications and the accompanying IT infrastructure.

Does Longitude provide custom dashboards?

The default dashboards present up-to-date summary and detailed information on the status of applications, servers, and networks.

Customized dashboards can also be created with pinpoint drilldown, providing for quick problem investigation, readily showing where performance or availability has been compromised and for how long.



How is Longitude priced?

Longitude is priced per managed device. There is no license restriction as to the number of metrics or applications that can be monitored on a managed device. For example, a SQL server with multiple database instances is counted as one managed device. There are volume discounts based on the number of managed devices licensed.

What counts as a Managed Device?

A managed device is a Window, Unix, or Linux Server, virtual OS instance, or SNMP-based network device.

How can I order Longitude?

You can call us at 781-848-1701 extension 3, email us at [email protected], or purchase online.

How do I get support?

For Email Support: Email [email protected] — response is within 1 business day

For Phone Support: Call 781-848-1701 extension 4