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What if IT monitoring was not a chore?

What if it was not time consuming, cumbersome, and stressful?

What if you could quickly and confidently monitor your IT infrastructure and applications for availability and performance issues?

At Heroix we believe in delivering technology that simplifies IT monitoring – helping our customers save time and money. With decades of history in the system management marketplace Heroix understands what it takes to deliver elegant yet powerful IT solutions.

Longitude, our all-inclusive agentless monitoring solution, encompasses the entire technology stack: from physical to virtual to cloud, from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to application. The technology also comes with 3rd party integrations such as Elastic Stack, Kibana and Webhooks.

Longitude is currently in use on tens of thousands of systems around the world, in enterprises large and small. The efficiency and intelligence built into Longitude enable better results with less effort, and provides exceptional versatility to address routine as well as unique management challenges – helping our customers save time and money.

Winner of numerous worldwide IT management awards, Heroix is a company distinguished by technical excellence and superior customer service.