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Hanns Schweis — IT Director of Littman Brands Family of Lighting

“Having recently gone through a conversion to SAP on both the East and West Coast, Heroix has saved us from near disaster many times. Not only the Free Space alerts, but the SQL and Exchange alerts have given us the time necessary to be “Proactive” to avoid a disaster instead of the need to be “Reactive” due to one.It’s an excellent monitor for all things IT. I feel comfortable when I’m not in the office or when I’m in the office. It’s constantly surveying my servers for inconsistencies. The alerts for such things as low storage space on all my drives, database locks, services not running, etc. helps us and gives us peace of mind while dealing with other important IT tasks. I highly recommend Heroix software to any IT department. I refer to it as my silent co-worker.”


Timothy Dean — Cape Cod Health

“We have trusted Heroix Longitude to monitor our hospitals and data centers for several years.  The alerting is customizable, reporting is accurate and the interface is intuitive and easy to use.For us, the Heroix solution replaced several cumbersome, unreliable solutions that cost many times as much. The product is exceptional as is the support. The technical staff is extremely knowledgeable and returns inquiries immediately, many times following up resolved cases the very next day.  I have recommended this product to all my peers and would not hesitate to do so again.”


Douglas W. Baker — I.T. Supervisor of Orange County Sheriff’s Office

“I am very happy with our Longitude system. It is reliable and works as expected. The support is excellent. They are always willing to assist with whatever questions we have, even functional ones. They also are good about upgrading our system to the latest version. I recommend the system.”


Zac Durham — Unix Systems Administrator

“Heroix Longitude gives us the ability to monitor a variety of systems and applications and to know, in real time, their availability and overall health. Since implementing it across our environments, we have become more aware of outages and potential performance issues and can respond to them more rapidly. Heroix support has always been there for us- whether it be answering common usage questions or helping us with business-specific use cases. They are extremely knowledgeable and take a genuine interest that we get the most out of the product.”


Charles Alexander — TASS Site Operations Manager

“Heroix Longitude monitoring software is very user friendly.  We were able to setup and deploy Longitude easily.  Our questions were promptly answered by their Support Team; they are responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”


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