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Monitoring Essentials

Our goal at Heroix is to help IT be proactive by making IT monitoring fast, easy, and effective. The purpose of the Learning Center is to provide a framework that will help you determine monitoring priorities, evaluate IT monitoring solutions, and make technical details easier to understand.

Database Monitoring

Database monitoring is the tracking of database performance and resources in order to create and maintain a high performance and highly available application infrastructure.

For example, categories for SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle database monitoring include:

  • Query details (top CPU, slow running, and most frequent)
  • Session details (current user connections and locks)
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Replication detail
Longitude - Virtualization Monitoring

Virtualization Monitoring

Virtualization monitoring ensures that a virtualized IT infrastructure performs optimally and that virtual resources are properly allocated. Virtualized infrastructure monitoring requires collecting and evaluating KPIs. For example, VMware KPIs include:

  • Hosts and VMs
  • Resource pools
  • Datastores
  • Clusters

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is the regular collection and analysis of data to ensure that servers are performing optimally and providing their intended function. The data used for server monitoring encompasses key performance indicators (KPIs), network connectivity, and application availability. For example, monitoring a Windows file server would examine:

  • Server OS KPIs (CPU, memory, network and disk performance metrics)
  • Network Share availability
  • Log File Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring is the deployment of a built-in knowledge base to automatically diagnose performance and availability problems across the technology stack before productivity compromised. Full-stack IT Infrastructure monitoring includes:

  • Hardware – Physical Health
  • Operating System – Utilization and depletion
  • Network – Bandwidth consumption and errors
  • Application – Performance and availability

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring ensures that applications hosted on private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructures are always available and performing optimally. The data collected and evaluated encompasses a variety of services relate to:

  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Virtual Machine Instances
  • Database
  • IT Infrastructure

Tips & Techniques

A compendium of articles on IT infrastructure technologies and issues to help IT professionals in their quest to provide better service to their constituents.

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