Planning on Switching Hypervisors?

Migrating an individual virtual machine from one hypervisor platform to another can be as simple as converting the files, defining a VM to a different format, moving the file to storage accessible to the new host, and then provisioning the VM with comparable resources in the new hypervisor. However, migrating an entire IT infrastructure and translating virtualization management features from one platform to another is more complex and requires more planning.

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Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud

Many enterprises are under pressure to adopt cloud as an essential element of their IT strategy. An incremental approach that begins with a properly implemented and monitored private cloud provides a good foundation from which to build on. This is especially important to enterprises that can’t yet fully commit to the cloud due to technical constraints or a lack of time and resources. Continue reading “Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud”

Why did Microsoft acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion?

Why did Microsoft acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion?The acquisition of GitHub for some $7.5 Billion in Microsoft stock by CEO Satya Nadella is a bold move. Even by Microsoft standards, this is one of their larger acquisitions.  Why did Microsoft place such a significance on this purchase? And how will the acquisition affect the marketplace? Continue reading “Why did Microsoft acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion?”

Docker Windows vs Linux Containers

ocker Windows vs Linux ContainersIn our earlier post we kept things clinical and looked strictly at the cost differential between Linux and Windows. Comparing the 2 platforms based strictly on price is perhaps overly simplistic. The popularity of cloud has precipitated a natural evolution of the Windows and Linux. The differences between the two platforms is getting increasingly blurred, especially when it comes to deployment and monitoring.

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