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Longitude Configuration

  1. Download and install Longitude.
  2. Log on to the Longitude server.
  3. Got to {Longitude_installation_directory}\tomcat\webapps\webui\config\ and rename the kibana_collections.yml_orig file to kibana_collections.yml.
  4. If Elasticsearch has been configured to use a network address other than “localhost”, edit kibana_collections.yml to use the correct address for Elasticsearch. To do this globally replace all occurrences of: port: localhost:9200 with the new Elasticsearch address (for example, port:
  5. Resart the Heroix Longitude Web UI Service
  6. Log in to the Longitude Web UI and monitor the IT infrastructure.
  7. Longitude can use multiple Remote Statistics Servers to collect data. Please contact Heroix Support at to configure Longitude when Remote Statistics Servers are in use.

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