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Application Monitoring


Application Monitoring with LongitudeLongitude Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow you to monitor and assess the performance of multi-tiered applications and business services.

SLAs are particularly useful for correlating user experience metrics with the underlying infrastructure components that support the associated application or business service. Service Level Agreements are defined in terms of service availability and performance, answering the questions: 

  • What percentage of the time was the application available?
  • How was the application performing?
  • What is the root cause of outages and degradation in performance?

How does Longitude work?

SLAs are defined in terms of service conditions, where each condition measures an aspect of the overall application or service. For example, an SLA for a multi-tiered application would likely include service conditions to measure user experience, database availability/performance, virtualization resources, and network utilization. An outage or degradation in any area would affect the service and thus the state of the SLA. 

Using Longitude’s alerting capability along with SLA Dashboards and Reports, IT staff can more easily quantify and determine the underlying cause of poor application performance.

Application Monitoring with Longitude

SLA Dashboards and Reports

Longitude’s SLA Dashboard provides up to the minute displays of SLA performance, allowing users to quickly investigate shortfalls in compliance. In addition, historical reports help pinpoint performance issues and patterns.

Longitude’s SLA Reporting allows IT to deliver even more informative detail to stakeholders with a commenting function. Users can comment on extenuating circumstances or document the actions taken to resolve a problem. Likewise, users can document changes in IT infrastructure – such as reallocating virtual resources or increasing network bandwidth – and then measure the resulting effects on application performance.  Commonly monitored components include:


What are the benefits of Application Monitoring?

  • Proactively troubleshoot application performance problems before they reach end-users
  • Reduce the time and resources needed for supporting applications and the underlying IT infrastructure
  • Baseline application behavior and deviations from the norm
  • Deliver an objective picture of application performance and availability to management and end-users 



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