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Messaging Monitoring


Exchange Monitoring with LongitudeLongitude provides comprehensive out-of-the-box agentless Exchange Server monitoring for your Exchange environment.

Longitude proactively monitors key performance metrics to ensure that your Exchange environment is running optimally and alerts you to any problems.

Longitude also provides pre-configured, on-demand reports and graphs of key performance and Exchange utilization metrics to help you proactively take action and ensure maximum availability of critical email resources.

How does Longitude work?

  • Automatically collects key Exchange, server, network, and virtualization performance metrics
  • Alerts on performance and availability problems for both Exchange and IT infrastructure components
  • Optionally takes corrective actions
  • Generates comprehensive dashboards and reports to show Exchange utilization and capacity issues

What does Longitude monitor?

Longitude is an all-inclusive agentless monitoring solution that encompasses the entire technology stack:  from physical to virtual, from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to Application. Commonly monitored components include:


What are the benefits of Exchange Monitoring?

  • Reduce the time and resources needed for supporting Exchange Server deployments
  • Baseline behavior and identify deviations from the norm
  • Proactively troubleshoot Exchange performance problems before they reach end-users
  • Deliver an objective picture of Exchange Server performance and availability to management and end-users



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