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Virtualization Monitoring


Virtualization Monitoring with LongitudeLongitude delivers easy-to-use  VMware and Hyper-V monitoring and reporting capabilities.
Longitude’s built-in knowledge base proactively monitors for virtualization problems by evaluating key performance metrics and ensuring that your virtual infrastructure performs optimally.

In addition, Longitude’s Capacity Planner helps enterprises solve the challenges of virtual machine (VM) sprawl, over-provisioning, and excess use of resources. 

How does Longitude work?

  • Automatically collects key physical and virtual performance metrics from VMware and Hyper-V infrastructures
  • Consolidates alarms generated by VMware and Hyper-V for unified alerting and reporting
  • Built-in knowledge base alerts to potential performance and availability problems with VMs, hosts, or any virtual-related entities,
  • Optionally takes corrective action
  • Generates comprehensive reports to show physical and virtual utilization
  • Capacity planning with “What if” analyses predicts how potential changes will affect IT operations
  • Correlates VMware and Hyper-V indicators with infrastructure issues along with end user response metrics for the most accurate assessment of application performance

What does Longitude monitor?

Longitude is an all-inclusive agentless monitoring solution that encompasses the entire technology stack:  from physical to virtual, from network to server, and from IT infrastructure to Application. Commonly monitored components include:


What are the benefits of Virtualization Monitoring?

  • Capacity planning with “What if” analyses predicts where and how potential changes will affect operations and licensing costs
  • Root cause analysis advances problem resolution
  • Base-lining of behavior based on function helps identify deviations from normal
  • Reporting of availability and performance provides historical context



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