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Longitude Overview

Longitude - Database Monitoring_blue

Database Monitoring

The Longitude SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle solutions provide comprehensive out-of-the-box agentless monitoring of database environments. The technology ensures that databases and the underlying IT infrastructure are running optimally. In addition, pre-configured on-demand reports and graphs show database performance, resource utilization, and availability.

Longitude - Virtualization Monitoring_blue
Virtualization Monitoring

The Longitude VMware and Hyper-V solutions agentlessly monitor key physical and virtual performance metrics. The built-in knowledge base alerts to problems related to VMs, hosts, or any virtual-related entities. In addition, Longitude’s Capacity Planner helps enterprises solve the challenges of virtual machine sprawl, over-provisioning, and excess use of resources.

Longitude - Server Monitoring_blue

Server Monitoring

The Longitude Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX solutions agentlessly monitor heterogeneous environments. The technology proactively watches for resource depletion issues, errors in server logs, and hardware failures – ensuring maximum availability and performance.  In addition, pre-configured reports and graphs show resource utilization, server availability, and log file data.

Longitude - Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Longitude Service Level Agreements (SLAs) assess and alert on the performance of multi-tiered applications and business services. SLAs work by correlating user experience metrics with the underlying IT infrastructure and application components.  SLA Dashboards and Reports show service level performance, allowing users to quickly investigate shortfalls in compliance.

Longitude - Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Longitude automatically collects key performance and availability metrics from on-premises and cloud infrastructures.  The built-in knowledge base identifies the availability and performance issues that most affect cloud services.  Longitude‚Äôs dashboards and reports help IT more easily manage cloud environments by delivering a holistic view of application performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Longitude - Exchange Monitoring
Messaging Monitoring

The Longitude Exchange solution provides comprehensive out-of-the-box agentless Exchange Server monitoring. The solution alerts to performance and availability issues related to Exchange, server, network, and virtualization resources. The pre-configured, on-demand reports and graphs pinpoint problem areas, helping to ensure maximum availability of critical email resources.

Longitude - Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

The Longitude Network Device, NetFlow and DHCP solutions provide out-of-the-box monitoring for the network. The solutions all proactively monitor key metrics and ensure that the network is running optimally by alerting to any problems. In addition, dashboards, reports and graphs show network utilization and availability.

How Does Longitude Work?

How does Longitude work?

  • Agentlessly collects key performance and availability data from the servers, network devices, and applications using appropriate protocols and API’s. (i.e. WMI, PowerShell, SSH, vSphere API, JDBC, SNMP, and more.)
  • Using a built-in knowledge base proactively alerts to problems
  • Optionally takes corrective actions
  • Generates comprehensive dashboards and reports/graphs to show utilization, capacity, and availability issues

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