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What to Look for in Monitoring Software

What to Look for in Monitoring Software


Does it fit your environment?
Monitoring should include support for a broad scope of operating systems, virtualization, applications, and their availability. In addition, the monitoring approach should be flexible, scalable, and readily adapt to the environment. Ultimately, the success or failure of any server monitoring strategy is dependent on the ease withwhich the technology can be deployed and maintained.


Is output timely and useful?
Real-time displays and dashboards are integral to communicating problems. A convenient dashboard that can present critical information with a drill down capability helps IT identify and cope with issues before users are effected.


Can you send alerts where they need to go?
Alerting is a key component to any monitoring strategy. Having actionable alerts that provide e-mail, texting to mobile devices, generation of SNMP traps, and scripting of corrective actions allows IT to take a proactive stance.


Can you customize monitoring?
Manufacturer recommended monitoring thresholds are useful and necessary, but can be too general to apply in every case. Tuning the thresholds that identify problems ensures IT is receiving meaningful alerts based on the context of a particular system, application or network. The easier and simpler it is for IT to examine and modify these thresholds the better.


Can you view archived data and alerts?
Being able to report on long term performance data is crucial to identifying capacity and availability issues. Reporting on alert history helps identify patterns across time and IT infrastructure. In addition, automated report generation provides timely information to everyone from IT staff, to management, to end users and also helps show the value of IT.



Longitude Features

  • Pre-configured monitoring knowledgebase 
  • Live Server and Application health dashboards
  • Email, text message, and SNMP Trap notification and escalation
  • Pro-active actions to repair problems as soon as they are detected
  • On Demand and scheduled reporting


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