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Insight Manager

Supported Versions HP Insight Management Agents V7.2 and above. Service and Resource collections are only supported for Windows.
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  • SNMP must be running on the Insight Manager computer, and must be configured to allow Longitude to make SNMP Get requests.
  • For Service and Resource collections, the Longitude Statistics Server account must have Local Administrator privileges on the Insight Manager computer.
  • For Service and Resource collections, the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service must be running on the Insight Manager computer.
  • The Insight Manager application uses SNMP to request data from the following OIDs:
    Insight Manager Collection OID MIB
    Battery . CPQSINFO-MIB
    Drive Array . CPQIDA-MIB
    Server Manager Status . CPQSRVMN-MIB
    SCSI Condition . CPQSCSI-MIB
    Critical Error Log Conditions . CPQHLTH-MIB
    Correctable Memory Log condition . CPQHLTH-MIB
    Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) Status . CPQHLTH-MIB
    Thermal Condition and Fan Sensors . CPQHLTH-MIB
    EISA Bus Utilization Percent . CPQHLTH-MIB
    Fault Tolerant Power . CPQHLTH-MIB
    Integrated Remote Console (IRC) Status . CPQHLTH-MIB
    Remote Insight/ILO Status . CPQSM2-MIB
    UPS Status . CPQUPS-MIB
    IDE Condition . CPQIDE-MIB
    Cluster . CPQCLUS-MIB
    Fiber Channel Array Condition . CPQFCA-MIB
  • On Windows computers, the InsightManager application will monitor the SNMP and SNMP Trap services.
  1. Use Monitor Devices
  2. If necessary, select a Longitude Remote Agent.
  3. Select InsightManager
  4. Enter the name of the Insight Manager computer to be monitored in the Computers field.
  5. Enter an SNMP V1 Community string with at least Read Only privileges in the Community field.
  6. UDP port 161 is the default SNMP request port. If SNMP on the Insight Manager computer uses a different port, adjust the Portvalue.
  7. Leave the TimeoutSeconds value at 5 and the Retries value at 1. If the collection done at registration times out due to a slow connection, adjust these values and try registering again.
  8. Click Monitor
  • Collections fail with the message Error Registering Insight Manager Status…time out after retries:
    Longitude was not able to contact SNMP on the Insight Manager Server. Verify the following:
    • The SNMP Service is running on the Insight Manager Server.
    • The Longitude server has permission to request data via SNMP.
    • The SNMP Community string is correct.
    • The SNMP port is configured correctly, and there is nothing blocking traffic between Longitude and the Insight Manager server.
    • If the configuration is set up correctly, and there is a slow network connection between Longitude and the Insight Manager server, adjust the TimeoutSeconds and/or Retries properties to allow for slow or failed SNMP connections.
  • Insight Manager components are not registered:
    • The only required Insight Manager collection is the Status Component. If the SNMP Get request for an OID does not return data, the component will not be registered.
    • The Status collector queries multiple OID values, and queries that do not return data will return a default value of either -1 or 0. If a test collection for the Status collector returns only values of -1 and 0, verify SNMP Get queries can be made from Longitude to the Insight Manager computer.
    • Refer to the list of InsightManager OIDs for the specific OID values to check for each component.