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Supported Versions V4.1, V5.0.
JDBC Queries
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  • MySQL account with SELECT privilege on the monitored database, and permission to connect from the Longitude server.
  • The MySQL Tablespace reports only include data for tables using the InnoDB storage engine.
  • The MySQL TableSpaceFull rule functions at the MySQL Server level rather than once for each monitored instance.
  1. Use Monitor Devices
  2. If necessary, select a Longitude Remote Agent.
  3. Select MySQL
  4. Enter the name of the MySQL server to be monitored in the Computers field.
  5. The Instance value is used by Longitude to distinguish between different MySQL databases being monitored on the same server. It is recommended to set the Instance to be the same as the MySQL Database, but any unique string may be used. Registering the same Instance twice on the same computer will overwrite the details of the first registration.
  6. Enter the name of the MySQL Database being monitored.
  7. Enter the name of the MySQL User account.
  8. Enter the Password for the MySQL User
  9. Enter the Port used to communicate with MySQL via JDBC. The default port for MySQL is 3306.
  10. Click Monitor
  11. Repeat the configuration steps with different Instance and MySQL Database values to monitor additional MySQL databases on he same server.
  • Collections fail with a Host…is not reachable or Connection timed out error:
    Longitude was unable to connect to MySQL on the configured port. Verify that MySQL allows connections from the Longitude server on port 3306. This may be tested using a Port Transaction in Longitude.


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