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Supported Versions V5, V9
Collection Methods Netflow Listener
  • The Local Agent on the Longitude Management Console should be used as the Netflow collector.
  • The Netflow collector is a listener that receives data sent by Netflow enabled network devices.
  • Each network device monitored by the Netflow application in Longitude must be configured to export data to the Longitude Management console. Consult the documentation for the network device for the syntax needed to set up the data export.
  • By default, the Netflow listener in Longitude will listen on the default Netflow port of 2055. If you configure Netflow to export on a different port, Longitude must also be configured to use that port.
  • If multiple network devices are sending Netflow data to Longitude, each should be configured to send to a different port.
  • If there is a firewall between the Longitude Management Console and the network device sending Netflow data, verify that the firewall will allow the Netflow packets through.
  1. Use Monitor Devices
  2. Select Netflow
  3. Make sure the Agent field is set to Local.
  4. The Instance value is used by Longitude to distinguish between different Netflow instances. If you have network devices sending data to different ports, use a different Instance name for each port.
  5. Enter the Port on which the Netflow data is being transmitted. The default Netflow port is 2055 – a different port should be associated with each instance.
  6. Click Monitor
  7. Repeat the configuration steps with different Instance and Port values to monitor additional ports for Netflow data.
  • Netflow reports do not contain data
    • Check the Longitude\ss\log\Netflow directory on the Longitude server to verify the listener collection files are populated. If the files are empty, verify that the configuration on the network devices and any firewalls is correct.
    • Restart the Longitude Stastistics Server on the Management Console and check the startup log in Longitude\ss\log\ss_startup.txt. Verify that it contains:
      Netflow receiver listening on port: Port#
      With one line for each port configured for Netflow. If these lines are not present, check for error messages in the Longitude\ss\log\yyyymmdd_ss_error_##.txt file.


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