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Network Device

Supported Versions SNMP V1, V2
Data Collected Network Device Data CollectionsDownload PDF
  • The Network Device should be configured to allow Longitude to request SNMP V1 or V2 data.
  • The NetworkDevice application monitors the following OIDs:
    Component OID MIB
    Interface Status V1: .
    V2: .
    V1: RFC1213-MIB
    V2: IF-MIB (RFC2863)
    Mobile IP (MIP) Security Stats . RFC2006-MIB
    MIP Violations . RFC2006-MIB
    RFC 1213 ICMP . RFC1213-MIB
    RFC 1213 Interface V1: .
    V2: .
    V1: RFC1213-MIB
    V2: IF-MIB (RFC2863)
    RFC 1213 SNMP . RFC1213-MIB
    RFC 1213 TCP . RFC1213-MIB
    RFC 1213 UDP . RFC1213-MIB

  • The Component, Buffer, CPU and MIP metrics are not available on all devices. If the SNMP request does not return data for these components, they will not be registered.
  1. Use Monitor Devices or see the Network Device instructions for Device Discovery.
  2. If necessary, select a Longitude Remote Agent.
  3. If monitoring manually, select NetworkDevice
  4. Enter the name of the Network Device to be monitored in the Computers field.
  5. Select V1 or V2 as the Platform. NetworkDevice monitoring configured via Discovery will be done in V1.
  6. Enter an SNMP V1 or V2 Community string with at least Read Only privileges in the Community field.
    Note: The community string is case sensitive.
  7. UDP port 161 is the default SNMP request port. If SNMP on the Network Device uses a different port, adjust the Portvalue.
  8. Leave the TimeoutSeconds value at 5 and the Retries value at 1. If the collection done at registration times out due to a slow connection, adjust these values and try registering again.
  9. Click Monitor
  • Collections fail with the message Error Registering…no statistic rows were returned:
    Longitude was able to contact SNMP, but the requested data was not returned. This message will only be returned for colelctions listed as required in the Network Device OID table. Verify that data can be returned for the OIDs in the table that are listed as failing.
  • Collections fail with the message Error Registering…time out after retries:
    Longitude was not able to contact SNMP on the Network Device. Verify the following:
    • SNMP is running on the Network Device.
    • The Longitude server has permission to request data via SNMP – consult the documentation for your Network Device for details on configuring this.
    • The SNMP Community string is correct.
    • The SNMP port is configured correctly, and there is nothing blocking traffic between Longitude and the Network Device.
    • If the configuration is set up correctly, and there is a slow network connection between Longitude and the Network Device, adjust the TimeoutSeconds and/or Retries properties to allow for slow or failed SNMP connections.
  • Not all interfaces are listed in the RFC1213 Interface collection:
    Interface collections are filtered to only collect data for interfaces with Input or Output KB greater than 0. Interfaces with no traffic will not be collected.
  • Clicking Test/Retry for Rfc1213IF collection produces no statistic rows were returned error:
    This error may be returned when testing interface collections if there has been no traffic since the last collection for any interfaces. The message may be disregarded.


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