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User Guide Contents

This User Guide provides detailed instructions for configuring and using Longitude v10.0. The “quick start” steps for implementing Longitude are available in the Longitude Quick Start Guide. Additional resources are available in the Longitude Video Tutorials. If you experience any problems installing or configuring Longitude, please contact Heroix support by email at:
[email protected]

Port Requirements Ports required to use Longitude
Permissions Permissions needed to monitor servers
License Types Different License Types
Data Collection
Discover Devices Scan subnets to automatically detect and monitor Windows, Unix, and Network devices
Monitor Devices Set up monitoring for devices without using discovery
Remote Agents Install and use a Longitude Remote Agent
Collection Status Detect if there are problems collecting monitoring data
User Defined Groups User defined groups of monitored computers
Collection Management Modifying, Removing, or Suspending Application Monitoring
Mail Configuration Change SMTP settings for Longitude
User Accounts Add and Modify Longitude User accounts
Component Status View status of Longitude components
Upgrade Download and apply Longitude upgrade patches
Events and Alerts
Status Dashboard Graphic overview of detected performance events
View Events Detail listing of detected performance events
Suppressing Events Temporarily disabling performance events.
Disabling Events Permanently disabling performance events
Configure Events Adjust thresholds for events and configure alerts
Performance Reports Longitude performance metric reporting
Virtualization Reports Hyper-V and VMware host and VM reporting
VMware Capacity Planning VMware capacity planning and “What If” analysis
Report Scheduler Automated report generation and distribution
Real Time Monitor Real time display of Key Performance Indicators