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You will be asked to provide the following information during the Longitude Installation:

Initial Longitude Account and Email Address

Longitude Account and Email Address

The account you create in this screen is the initial Longitude administrative account, and will be used to log in to the Longitude Web UI. This account is internal to Longitude, and is used by Longitude to access its backend database. The username and password should:

  • Not start with a number
  • Not contain a MAXDB reserved keyword such as DBA or DBM.

You will be able to create additional accounts after installation, but you should retain the initial username and password created during installation for support purposes.

The email address specified in this screen will be used by Longitude as the contact address for administrative messages – e.g. this email address will be alerted if the Longitude license is about to expire. This address may be changed after installation.

Windows domain account

Windows Domain Account

The account specified in this screen will be used as the service account for data collection from Windows computers. In most cases, you will want to specify a domain administrator account so that Longitude will have permission to collect performance data from Windows servers in the same domain as the Longitude Management Console.

The installation will attempt to verify that the account has administrative permission, and that the password is correct. If it cannot verify the account, you will receive an error message, but will be allowed to proceed with the installation. In this case, or in the case that the Windows account information is left blank, the installation will use the Local System account for Windows data collection.

You can change the Windows account specified during installation through the Windows Services Applet (services.msc) by changing the service account assigned to the Heroix Longitude Statistics Server Service.

Installation Directories

The installation will ask for two installation locations. The first is for the Longitude product files – this will require approximately 1 Gb of space, and will default to c:\Program Files\Longitude.

Longitude Product Installation directory

The second location is where the Longitude database will be installed – the default directory is the same as the product files default (c:\Program Files\Longitude). The database has a minimum size of 3 Gb, and the install can be configured to use as much as 30 Gb. As Longitude archives data over time, the database will extend to accomodate the additional data – please ensure that the drive you specify here has at least enough space for the installation, and optimally additional free space for the database to extend.

Longitude Database Installation directory

Database Size

The installation will create a partition size for the database based on the number of servers being monitored, with 3GB allocated for every 100 servers up to a maximum partition size of 30GB for 1000 servers. If you expect to collect a large number of Event records (i.e. Windows Event Log, Syslog, SNMP Traps), enter double the number of servers you will be monitoring in this field. Longitude will create additional database partitions as needed up to a maximum of 11 partitions.

Longitude Database initial size

Longitude Installation

After you confirm that you are ready to install, Longitude will install the Web UI and database. Please note that the time needed to install the database will depend on the size of the data partition selected, and the speed of the drives on the Windows server. The database installation can take several minutes.

Requirements Longitude Web UI