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The Free Longitude Demo is licensed for two weeks after installation, and allows monitoring for 100 devices, 32 Hyper-V sockets and 32 VMware sockets. To purchase a license contact Heroix online or email Heroix Sales ([email protected]) directly.


License Details

Select License

To view the details of Longitude’s license, click on username pull down menu in the top right corner, and select Licensing to display the License Details window.

License Details

The upper left portion of the License window is labeled “License for”, followed by the name of the computer on which you installed Longitude. In most cases this name will be the fully qualified domain name for the computer, but this may be vary depending on your network configuration. Heroix licensing will need the name listed after “License for” to create your license.


Update License

To update your license, click on the Browse button, and browse to the Longitude license file, which will end with an .FZE extension. Check that the name after “License for” matches the name in the Management Station field for the key, and that the units and expiration date for the license are correct. Select the Apply New License button to activate the license. You will see a notification that the key was applied, and the license display will update with the details of the new key.

Navigating Longitude Monitoring