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Longitude must first be configured to collect data for the devices you want to monitor. Monitoring can be configured using Device Discovery, which will automate monitoring for Windows, Unix, and Network Devices, or by manually configuring monitoring through the Monitor an Application window.

Device Discovery

Monitor buttons

  1. Select Discover from the Monitoring Options pull down in the upper right of the Web UI to open the Device Discovery Wizard.
  2. Select Windows, Unix, or Network Device as the application to discover:
    • Windows
      Automated Device Discovery
    • Unix
      Automated Device Discovery
    • Network Devices
      Automated Device Discovery
  3. Select IP Address to start scan
  4. Select IP Address to end scan (note: you can only scan one class C subnet at a time)
  5. For Unix/Linux monitoring, enter a Username and Password that can connect to the servers via SSH. Root access is not required.
  6. For Network Device monitoring, enter an SNMP V1 community string. Read access is required.
    Please note:
    Monitor the Network Device Application manually to collect data using SNMP V2.
  7. Click Next
  8. When Longitude has finished scanning the requested IP range, you will be presented with a list of computers or network devices that can be monitored with the selected application:
    Automated Device Discovery
    Select the devices you would like to monitor. You will be able to monitor devices up to the number of license units you have available.
  9. Click Next
  10. The final discovery step will display the monitoring
    results, including any monitoring errors:
    Automated Device Discovery
    If there are any errors reported, you can click on the error link to determine what the error condition is and how to remedy it.
  11. After you click Close, you will see the additional computers you are monitoring:Automated Device Discovery


Monitor an Application Manually

  1. To open the Monitor an Application window, select Monitor from the Monitor button in the upper right of the Web UI, or from the right-click menu for Enterprise at the top of the devices tree.
  2. Select the application to monitor from the drop down list.
    monitor manually
  3. When you select an application, the configuration screen may display an Application Properties section which will contain fields for additional information needed to monitor the application. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.
    monitor manually
  4. Either manually enter the computer to monitor in the Computers field, or select the button to the right of the Computers button to display of list of computers you are already monitoring.
    monitor manually
  5. Click on the Monitor button. Longitude will test data collection for the application using the supplied Application Properties, and a result window will display either that the collections succeeded, or list any errors that were found.
    monitor manually

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