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Longitude reports are produced by the data collected from monitoring, and from Events created through analyzing the data. Reports can either be Summary reports, comparing data across computers, or detail reports, looking at the data on a specific computer over time.

  1. Click on the Reports in the grey menu bar.
  2. Reports

  3. Select an Application from the Application drop down list. This list will only include applications for which Longitude is collecting data.
  4. The available reports for the selected application are listed as tabs in the top bar.
  5. Set the date range for the report.
  6. Click on Show Table to display the data in table form.
  7. Hovering over the graph will generate a tool tip displaying the value of the graph at that location.
  8. Click on any of the bars to drill down and get detail on the server.
  9. Select the Report Options for additional options, to Export or Save the report image.

Selecting Enterprise in the report tree produces a Summary report, or you can select an individual computer to produce a detail report. Summary reports will contain links to detail reports, as stated above clicking on the bars will drill down to a detail report on the server. An example of detail report can be seen in the screenshot below.


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