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Release Notes


The Release Notes document includes a list of new features introduced in this release of Heroix Longitude®, a list of known issues, and information about upgrading Longitude.

Product Packaging

Heroix Longitude can be packaged to exclude certain product capabilities. However, the documentation will include a description of the full capabilities of the product. If you have installed a package containing less than the full product, some of the capabilities described in the documentation will not be available to you.

New Features

Heroix Longitude V12

  • Longitude unveils a brand new Web Interface
    • A revamped web interface simplifies navigation
    • Additional Monitoring and Event capabilities improve usability and scalability
    • New Dashboard quickly shows availability and performance

Heroix Longitude V11

  • Longitude Integration with Elastic Stack
    • Longitude sends data directly to Elasticsearch
    • Kibana based dashboards display Longitude performance and event data
    • For additional details see the Longitude Elastic Stack Integration
  • Monitoring Enhancements
    • Oracle 12 monitoring is now available
    • aes256 encrypted SSH Keys supported
  • Web Interface Enhancements
    • The webhook action sends Longitude event data directly to REST API compliant web services
    • Display Monitored Applications view provides more details along with the option to copy the application monitoring details
  • Other Enhancements
    • Longitude operates using OpenJDK Java Platform

Other Heroix Longitude documentation

Longitude User Guide

The Longitude User Guide gives a basic overview of the product, including instructions for installing and configuring the product. For more detail about Heroix Longitude, please see the Online Help.

Product notes

  • Install may fail on Windows if logged in with an account with non-alphanumeric characters

    The install on Windows may fail if you are logged in with an account that includes non-alphanumeric characters. If this occurs, try logging in to the machine with an account that only includes alphanumeric characters and run the install again.

  • Email stops working using the internal SMTP server

    By default, Heroix Longitude uses an internal SMTP engine, called Aspirin, to send email and does not require any configuration from the user. In many sites, this has worked correctly in a production environment, but some sites have experienced problems sending email. If you experience problems with the internal SMTP server, follow the instructions in the online help under “Configuring a User-Defined SMTP Server” to configure Heroix Longitude to use a different SMTP server.