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The Technical Specifications below provide details on metrics collected by the DHCP application, how those metrics are evaluated by Longitude, and the available preconfigured reports. For additional details on the Longitude DHCP application, see the DHCP Application User Guide or contact Heroix Support.


Longitude Events are generated when collected performance and availability metrics are evaluated by Longitude’s rule engine and a potential problem is detected.

The rules use best-practice thresholds, displayed below, which can be customized as needed.


Longitude reports display performance and availability metrics over time. Summary reports display average metrics across multiple devices, while detail reports drill down and present a more granular view of metrics for a selected device.


Metrics Events
Start Mode
Display Name


Service Down: Sends alerts on stopped DHCP services
Metrics Events
Scope Subnet Address
Used Addresses
Free Addresses
Pending Offers


Low Free Addresses in Scope: Addresses Free < 10
Addresses Free % < 20
Low Total Free Addresses accross all Scopes: Addresses Free < 20
Addresses Free % < 20
Summary Total Addresses Pct Free across multiple servers
Detail Detailed Address Pct Free per scope


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