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Insight Manager

The Technical Specifications below provide details on metrics collected by the Insight Manager application, how those metrics are evaluated by Longitude, and the available preconfigured reports. For additional details on the Longitude Insight Manager application, see the Insight Manager Application User Guide or contact Heroix Support.


Longitude Events are generated when collected performance and availability metrics are evaluated by Longitude’s rule engine and a potential problem is detected.

The rules use best-practice thresholds, displayed below, which can be customized as needed.


Longitude reports display performance and availability metrics over time. Summary reports display average metrics across multiple devices, while detail reports drill down and present a more granular view of metrics for a selected device.



Metrics Events
System Battery Index
Current Status of Battery


Sys Battery Status: Battery Status <> ‘OK’
Battery Status <> ‘Other’
Cluster Node
Metrics Events
Cluster Node Index
Cluster Node Name
Cluster Node Status
Cluster Node Condition: Cluster Node Status <> ‘OK’
Metrics Events
Cluster Res Index
Cluster Res Name
Cluster Res Type
Cluster Res State
Cluster Res Condition: Cluster Res State <> ‘OK’
Drive Array
Metrics Events
Controller ID
Drive ID
Hard Read Errors
Hard Write Errors
Drive Status


Drive Problems: Drive Status <> ‘OK’
Drive Status <> ‘Other’
Metrics Events
Fan Index
Fan Condition


Fault Tolerant Fan Status: Fan Condition <> ‘OK’
Fan Condition <> ‘Other’
FT Power
Metrics Events
Power Supply Chassis
Power Supply Bay
Power Supply Condition


Fault Tolerant Fan Status: Power Supply Condition <> ‘OK’
Power Supply Condition <> ‘Other’
Metrics Events
Total physical memory in KB
Percent Processor Time
Memory Available KBytes
Page Read Rate
Page Write Rate
File IO Rate
File Read Rate
File Write Rate
Page File Pct


Resources Perf Condition: Process Pct > 85%
File Byte Rate > 600000
File IO Rate > 300
Page File Pct > 80%
PageReadWriteRate > 20
Memory Used % >85%
Metrics Events
Service Name
Start Mode


Service Not Running: Insight Manager Services not running
Metrics Events
Critical Log Condtion
Last Critical Termination Message
Critical Memory Log Condition
Number of Correctable Memory Errors
Automatic Server Recovery Status
Automatic Server Recovery Post
Automatic Server Recovery Pager Message
Automatic Server Recovery Condition
Thermal Condition
Thermal Temp Status
Thermal System Fan Status
Thermal Cpu Fan Status
EISA bus utilization percent
Fault Tolerant Power Condition
Integrated Remote Console Status
Drive Array Condition
System’s Monitor Condition
Hot Plug Slot Condition
Hot Plug Change Count
System Battery Condition
Remote Insight/Integrated Lights Out
Remote Insight Battery Status
Pending Remote Insight Alerts
Remote Insight Self Test Errors
Remote Insight/Integrated Lights Interface Status
Remote Insight Battery Charge
Server Manager Self Test Error Code
Total Memory on the Rserver
Memory Available on the Server Manager Board
Ups Launch
Ups Alarm
IDE Condition
FCA Condition
Cluster Name
Cluster Condition
Automatic Server Recovery Status Change
Integrated Remote Console Status Change
Critical Log Errors: Event for any errors in Log
FCA Condition: FCA Condition <> ‘OK’
IDE Condition: IDE Condition <> ‘OK’
IDA Condition: IDA Condition <> ‘OK’
Si Monitor Condition: SI Monitor Condition <> ‘OK’
Remote Insight Alerts: Remote Insight Alerts Status has Alerts
Remote Insight Condition: Remote Insight Condition<> ‘OK’
Remote Insight Status: Remote Insight Status = ‘Not Responding’
SCSI Condition: SCSI Condition <> ‘OK’
Ups Status: UPS Status <>‘OK’
Ups Status: UPS Est Battery Life (minutes) < 10
Hot Plug Slot Condition: HPS Condition <>‘OK’
Automatic Server Recovery Condition: ASR Condition <> ‘OK’
Correctable Memory Log Condition: CML Condition <> ‘OK’
Critical Log Condition: Crit Log Condition <> ‘OK’
Correctable Memory Errors: Memory Errors > 0
Eisa Bus Utilization: EISA bus utilization percent > 80%
Fan Status: Thermal System Fan Status <>‘OK’
Fault Tolerant Power Condition: Fault Tolerant Power Condition <>‘OK’
Thermal Condition: Thermal Condition <>‘OK’
REM Battery Charge: Remote Insight Battery Charge < 75%
REM Battery Status: Remote Insight Battery Status <>‘OK’
System Battery Condition: System Battery Condition <>‘OK’
Cluster Condition: Cluster Condition <>‘OK’
Automatic Server Recovery Status Change: Automatic Server Recovery Status Change <> ‘OK’
Integrated Remote Console Status Change: Integrated Remote Console Status Change <> ‘OK’
Metrics Events
Temperature Index
Temperature Condition


Temperature Status: Temperature Condition <> ‘OK’