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The Technical Specifications below provide details on metrics collected by the Transaction application, how those metrics are evaluated by Longitude, and the available preconfigured reports. For additional details on the Longitude Transaction application, see the Transaction Application User Guide or contact Heroix Support.


Longitude Events are generated when collected performance and availability metrics are evaluated by Longitude’s rule engine and a potential problem is detected.

The rules use best-practice thresholds, displayed below, which can be customized as needed.


Longitude reports display performance and availability metrics over time. Summary reports display average metrics across multiple devices, while detail reports drill down and present a more granular view of metrics for a selected device.


Name Tests Events
DNS Hostname Lookup Lookup fails
File Content Regular expression found in file Regular expression exists
File Existence File exists File does not exist
File exists
File modified today
FTP FTP server availability FTP login fails
HTTP Connect Web Server availability HTTP/HTTPS listener not found
HTTP URL Web Page content Regular epxression not in web page
NNTP NNTP server availability No newsgroups returned
Ping ICMP packet or TCP port 8 echo
Interval: 5 minutes
Ping fails
PingCritical ICMP packet or TCP port 8 echo
Interval: 1 minute
Ping fails
Port Port Listener Listener not found
Service Windows service Service not running
SMTP SMTP Server availabilty SMTP Listener not available
SQLConnect Database query results Query does not return expected results
SQLQuery Database Server availabilty Unable to log in to database server
SSH SSH availability SSH login fails
Telnet Telnet availability Telnet login fails
UnixConnect SSH availability, failover to rexec
SSHKey login test
SSH and rexec logins fail
UnixProcess Unix/Linux Process Process does not exist
UnixScript Unix/Linux OS command output Output doesn’t match expected value
WinProcess Windows Process Process does not exist
WinScript Windows OS command output Output doesn’t match expected value
WinShare Windows Share Share is not available
WmiConnect WMI Service availability WMI connection fails
Summary Computer uptime across multiple servers
Detail Per server ping response time

Syslog Unix