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The Technical Specifications below provide details on metrics collected by the Oracle application, how those metrics are evaluated by Longitude, and the available preconfigured reports. For additional details on the Longitude Oracle application, see the Oracle Application User Guide or contact Heroix Support.


Longitude Events are generated when collected performance and availability metrics are evaluated by Longitude’s rule engine and a potential problem is detected.

The rules use best-practice thresholds, displayed below, which can be customized as needed.


Longitude reports display performance and availability metrics over time. Summary reports display average metrics across multiple devices, while detail reports drill down and present a more granular view of metrics for a selected device.


Control File Status
Metrics Events
File Name
Control File Status: Enabled = ‘UNKNOWN’
Dictionary Cache Hit Ratio
Metrics Events
Sum Gets
Sum Misses
Cache Hit %
Poor Dictionary Cache Hit Efficiency: Cache Hit % < Log Files
Used % > 95%
Summary Dictionary cache hit % across multiple Oracle instance
Detail Detailed dictionary cache hit % per Oracle instance
Instance Space
Metrics Reports
Instance Free KB
Instance Used KB
Summary Free and used space in MB across multiple Oracle instance
Detail Detailed free and used space in MB per Oracle instance
Instance Status
Metrics Events
Oracle Instance Down: Status != ‘OPEN’
Long Queries
Metrics Events
Start Time
Operation name
So far (units executed)
Total Work (units to execute)
Elapsed seconds
Time remaining
Long Queries: Elapsed seconds > 6
Summary Long running query times across multiple Oracle instance
Detail Detailed long running query times per Oracle instance
Sysstat Combined
Metrics Events
Physical Reads
DB Block Gets
Consistent Gets
Redo log space wait time
Redo log space requests
Sorts disk
Sorts In Memory
Current Connections
Logical Reads
User Commits
User Rollbacks
Block Changes
CPU Time Parse
Execute Count
Hard Parse Count
Total Parse Count
Redo Size Generated
Physical Writes
CPU Time Total
High Connection Rate: Connections per minute > 120
Low Database Buffer Cache Hit Rate: (Physical Reads)/(DB Block Gets + Consistent Gets) < 80%
High Redo Log Buffer Waits: Redo log space wait time > 0
Low Sorts in Memory: (Sorts in Memory – Sorts Disk)/(Sorts in Memory) < 95%
Summary and Detail Block change rate
Summary and Detail Connection rate
Summary and Detail Parse and total CPU time
Summary and Detail Current connections
Summary and Detail Database cache hit rate
Summary and Detail Execute rate
Summary and Detail Logical read rate
Summary and Detail Sorts in memory %
Summary and Detail Hard parse %
Summary and Detail Physical read rate
Summary and Detail Physical write rate
Summary and Detail Redo log space requests
Summary and Detail Redo log space time
Summary and Detail User commit rate and user rollback rate
Metrics Events
Tablespace Name
Free kilobytes
Total kilobytes
Pct Free
Tablespace Full: Pct Free < 80%
Tablespace Status: Status != ‘ONLINE’
Summary Free tablespace % across multiple Oracle instance
Detail Free tablespace in KB per Oracle instance and tablespace

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