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Network Device

The Technical Specifications below provide details on metrics collected by the Network Device application, how those metrics are evaluated by Longitude, and the available preconfigured reports. For additional details on the Longitude Network Device application, see the Network Device Application User Guide or contact Heroix Support.


Longitude Events are generated when collected performance and availability metrics are evaluated by Longitude’s rule engine and a potential problem is detected.

The rules use best-practice thresholds, displayed below, which can be customized as needed.


Longitude reports display performance and availability metrics over time. Summary reports display average metrics across multiple devices, while detail reports drill down and present a more granular view of metrics for a selected device.


Metrics Reports
Small Buffer Misses
Medium Buffer Misses
Big Buffer Misses
Large Buffer Misses
Huge Buffer Misses
Summary Buffer Misses across multiple devices
Detail Detailed Buffer Misses per device
Metrics Reports
Cpu Busy Pct
Summary CPU Load across multiple devices
Detail Detailed CPU Load per device


Metrics Events
Admin Status
Operation Status
Device Status Error: Alerts on down interfaces
Metrics Events
Pool Name
Used Memory
Free Memory


Low Free Memory: Memory Free % < 5%
High Memory Pressure: Memory Pressure % > 90%
Summary Memory Usage % across multiple devices
Detail Memory Usage % per device


Metrics Events
Violator IP Address
Violation Counter
Recent Violation Time
Recent Violation Reason


Mobile IP Event: Reporting a Mobile IP trap Event
Summary Host Network Data Rates across multiple hosts
Detail Host Network Data Rates for every NIC on the host
Summary Host Network Packets Rates across multiple hosts
Detail Host Network Packets Rates for every NIC on the host


Metrics Events
Total Number of Violations


MIP_SecViolations: MIP Violations > 1
Summary VM CPU Pct for each VM across multiple hosts
Detail VM CPU Pct for each VM on a specific host


Metrics Events
ICMP Received Messages
ICMP Received Errors
ICMP Sent Messages
ICMP Out Errors


ICMP Errors: ICMP Error Rate > 5%
Summary Message Send/Receive Rate across multiple devices
Detail Detailed per device Message/Send Rate per device


Metrics Events
Physical Address
Admin Status
Operational Status
Last Change Time
In Ucast Packets
In NUcast Packets
In Discards
In Errors
In Unknown Protocols
Out Ucast Packets
Out NUcast Packets
Out Discards
Out Errors
Output Queue Length
In Kilobytes
Out Kilobytes


HighBandwithConsumed: BandwidthMax > 60%
HighInboundBandwithConsumed: InboundBandwidthMax > 60%
HighOutboundBandwithConsumed: OutboundBandwidthMax > 60%
HighPktErrors: InErrors > 0
OutErrors > 0
LongOutputQLen: Output Queue Length > 0
Summary Bandwidth (KB) across multiple interfaces
Detail Bandwidth (KB) per interface
Summary Bandwidth Pct across multiple interfaces
Detail Bandwidth Pct per interface
Metrics Events
SNMP InPackets
SNMP OutPackets
SNMP Bad Community Name Used
SNMP In Total Req Vars
SNMP In Total Set Vars
SNMP In Set Requests
Bad Comm Name: Bad Comm Uses > 2
ParamReset: Snmp In Total Set Vars > 0
Summary SNMP Management Activity across multiple devices
Detail SNMP Management Activity per device
Summary SNMP Packet Rate across multiple devices
Detail SNMP Packet Rate per device


Metrics Events
Tcp Max Connections
Tcp Active Opens
Tcp Passive Opens
Tcp Attempt Fails
Tcp Established Resets
Tcp Current Established
Tcp In Segments
Tcp Out Segments
Tcp Retransmitted Segments
Tcp In Errors
Tcp Out RSTs


HighTcpConnections: Tcp Max Connections > 0
TcpErrors: Tcp In Errors> 0
HighRetransmits: ReTransmit Rate > 5%
Summary TCP Connection Rates across multiple devices
Detail TCP Connection Rates per device
Summary TCP Segment Rate across multiple devices
Detail TCP Segment Rate Rate per device


Metrics Events
UDP In Datagrams
UDP No Ports
UDP In Errors
UDP Out Datagrams


High UDP Errors: UDP In Errors > 0
Summary UDP Datagram Rate across multiple devices
Detail UDP Datagram Rate per device


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